Who is Pooky?

I’ve never had a pet in my adult life, though I have always fed the stray cats in my neighborhood and worked to get them off the street. I have probably rescued 25 cats over twenty years.

I went to a movie with a friend one night and he was telling me of a small, cute kitten that was hanging around his apartment complex. After the movie we went back to his place to see if the kitten was still around.  It was midnight and a cold October night by the time we got back to his place. That little kitten was still there.

I loaded her into my car, and drove off with her. She sat on the console between the two bucket seats looking out the front window as though she knew where she was going.

Once we got home – she made her home! I had set up a bed and supplies for her like I did with strays, but she wanted to sleep in my bed.

Pretty Cat Wide shotWell – that was it. Pooky has been with me ever since. She walks on a leash and is probably known by everyone within blocks. She’s quite a little politician – always looking to get the vote of her neighbors.

Health wise she is eight years old, which is like fifty in human life span, but she is still a kitten. She still climbs trees, though for convenience uses my shoulder as a step stool to get down.

Pretty cat close upPooky spends her day chasing every animal off her property, and still has a five foot high leap. She weighs 7-8 pounds, but thinks that she is the size of a lion. I attribute her healthy behavior to what she eats and exercise.  She’s no different from a human being in that sense. When I realized that dry food was the worse thing to feed a cat I started researching cat food. I found so much conflicting info that I spent 4-5 months sorting out a proper diet for Pooky.

She’s a Tortie and quite independent. When I got into making food for Pooky some friends asked if they could buy it. Since then I have seen miracles from feeding a cat the right kind of food.

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