What’s in Pooky’s?

INGREDIENTS: Chicken thighs & bone, chicken hearts, chicken livers, water, nutritional yeast, lecithin, egg yolks, small fish oil, wheat bran, taurine, iodized lite salt, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E.

ADULT CAT FEEDING: Cat weight of 0-5 lbs = 2-3 ounces daily, 5-10 lbs = 3-5 ounces daily, and 10-15 lbs = 5-7 ounces daily. Feeding kittens or pregnant cats – increase by double or another third to the cat’s Satifaction004weight listed above.

RECOMMENDED FEEDING: If your cat doesn’t take to Pooky’s right away, introduce it gradually by mixing it in with their usual meal over several days: a fourth of Pooky’s into their food each day, and by the fourth day they will eat it up like crazy. Also cats like to eat their food at room temperature. Use these recommendations as a guideline, though I have yet seen a cat refuse Pooky’s over these two points. Cats should be fed in two sessions each day. Feeding amounts vary from breed to breed and can be adjusted accordingly to the individual cat’s energy levels. 


Crude Protein ….. 54.66% minimum

Calcium % …………….. 3.71% minimum

Crude Fat …………. 29.82% minimum

Moisture Content ….. 71.66% minimum

Crude Fiber ……… 2.61% minimum

Calorie Count ……… 83.47 kcal per 2 ounces.


Pooky’s HomeMade formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your cat. Pooky’s HomeMade has no soy beans, vegetables, added fats, sugars, artificial additives, or sunflower oil. No more than a three month supply should be stocked in your freezer since nutrients do degrade over time.

If you have any questions or purchasing needs, please contact us.

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