Expectations with Pooky’s HomeMade

While a raw meat diet is not guaranteed to make every cat with health issues better, it should
prevent many medical conditions that come from an unhealthy diet. The cliché, “You are what you eat” holds true even for cats.

Pooky’s Homemade is designed to mimic the essence of wild prey, such as mouse or bird, by using raw meat ingredients that do not contain antibiotics, GMO’s, hormones or artificial, highly refined ingredients or chemicals. Some of the effects you may see when your cat switches to Pooky’s HomeMade diet are:

  1. Pooky’s Homemade is highly digestible, which means less litter to scoop.
  2. Satifaction003The cat’s digestive system is adapted specifically for a meat based diet. A cat’s digestive tract is short and acidic that leaves very little time for bacteria to proliferate.
  3. Stool odor will be minimal to absent, and stool will be well-formed.
  4. Pooky’s Homemade itself has virtually no odor (to humans).
  5. Chubby cats will lose weight and skinny cats will gain muscle tone.
  6. Urine production will double due to better hydration of your cat, though a water dish should be used still.
  7. Dandruff will disappear and your cat’s coat will become fuller, soft and silkier.
  8. Through a species-appropriate raw diet, cats are getting more readily available energy from their food. Your cat may become more playful, active, and sociable.
  9. Decrease in hairball issues and diarrhea, though I suggest combing a cat daily.
  10. A healthier cat with fewer veterinary visits, and less time off to take the cat in.

Pooky’s Homemade is made of raw meat (chicken thighs, bone, heart and liver) that is either organic or raised free range without antibiotics or hormones. We use no highly refined or artificial ingredients.

The ingredients included help maintain a healthy balance by supplying proper amounts of phosphorous, calcium, sodium, potassium, taurine, vitamins E and B complex, lecithin and nutritional yeast.

Pooky’s Homemade is deep-frozen as soon as it is made, and it is delivered as soon as possible within the metro area to minimize the time span between the day that it’s first frozen and the day your cat eats it up.

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