10 Things You Need to Know

Here are the basics regarding feeding a cat.

  1. Cats are obligate carnivores–that means that their digestive system is designed to eat meat – NOT plants, vegetables or fruits. A cat has insufficient digestive enzymes to process these ingredients into an adequate usable energy source.
  2. Cats lack the ability to process certain amino acids. There are four amino acids (taurine, arginine, methionine and cysteine) that must be provided in their diet and are best found in animal proteins — NOT in plant proteins!
  3. A cat has a fairly simple digestive tract — not at all like a dog’s or a human’s.
  4. Have you noticed that veterinarians and pet store owners have told you that cats need bubbling fountains or extra water bowls around the house? Think about it – they never say that about dogs. The reason is because cats evolved in the desert and do not have a “thirst mechanism” like other animals. Their fluid intake comes from their kill or food.
  5. Do you see the connection in number four to dry food? The worst thing that you can feed a cat is dry food. Dry food has a 10% guarantee of meeting the cat’s moisture needs. You don’t need those bubblers and extra water bowls with Pooky’s HomeMade!
  6. Canned foods are no better. They provide the fluid intake for a cat, but it is questionable what the cat is eating considering that the canned food is probably from China, and contains vegetable, fruit or grain matter.
  7. Satifaction002In 2013, there was an average of one pet food or treat recall per eleven days.
  8. Cooked food such as in canned food, destroy the vitamins and enzymes your cat needs. Fat and protein molecules can be changed with heat, which makes it harder on a cat’s digestive system.
  9. Pooky’s HomeMade is designed to eliminate all these issues. Pooky’s HomeMade is based upon what a cat should eat.
  10. “You are What You Eat” pertains to your cat just as much as it does to you.

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